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Mike Smith

Wanjiku Gatua
February 6, 2023
19 Years of Using Technology to Empower Others  
It’s incredible that it’s been 19 years since Bio::Neos opened its doors! Co-founder Mike Smith commented on the growth of the company. “We started this in grad school, and Steve and I have both had instances where we step back and say, “wow, we’re actually a real business.” Today, we are proud to have become ... 19 Years of Using Technology to Empower Others  
Ally Schmidt
January 5, 2023
Looking back on 2022…
We ended 2022 by celebrating together at Tavern Blue in Coralville with our families and friends!
Ally Schmidt
July 28, 2022
Summer Interns ’22
We pride ourselves in always putting action behind our words, and this year we are once again showing our commitment to post-secondary educational opportunities with 3 summer interns!
Ally Schmidt
June 14, 2022
Happy Pride, all the Time
June is #Pride month but we at Bio::Neos believe we have an ethical obligation to #pride all year-round. We believe in the importance of celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and creating a world where all are welcome to be who they are all year-round. Bio::Neos supports the LGBTQ+ Community through education, inclusion, and visibility.
Ally Schmidt
June 2, 2022
Continued STEAM Education over Summer Break
This summer allows a wonderful opportunity to continue to get kids involved in STEAM. Even though classes are out for the summer doesn't mean students have to stop exploring STEAM outlets. Luckily enough there are resources both in-person and online for our students to continue to learn. Bio::Neos thought it would be helpful to compile a list for parents and students with STEAM resources both in-person and online.
Ally Schmidt
May 27, 2022
2022 Spring Intern
Learn about our Spring Intern, Ningia Huang!
Ally Schmidt
May 20, 2022
Classroom Clinic v1.5
Our long-term partnership with Classroom Clinic has led us to the newest release, v1.5, on May 20th, 2022. At Bio::Neos we have been hard at work implementing updates to the user and ensuring scalability for the Classroom Clinic platform. Classroom Clinic provides rural school districts with timely and convenient access to children’s mental health services through the use of telehealth and related technologies. 
Steve Davis
January 15, 2022
Computer Science Education Week
For seven years, Bio::Neos has made it a priority to get involved with Computer Science Education Week, and 2021 was no different.
Steve Davis
December 27, 2021
2021 in Review
This year was different as was 2020, but we have been resilient. We have expanded our team by 25%, increased our development efforts, and focused on our values. As we move forward into 2022 we can only continue our current efforts to improve Bio::Neos further.

Case Studies

Classroom Clinic

Our client was focused on defining what problems her customers were facing and what she could do to address them.However, her vision of the final platform lacked a clear roadmap for implementation and adoption into the community. She needed a team to make this dream into a reality.


Infondrian has been actively developing a generalized software application to bring the benefits of their technology to all radiation therapy treatment centers. This web application would aim to increasing treatment quality of radiation oncology patients through a radiology database verification system. While the initial proof-of-concept implementation was a success, Infondrian needed help bringing the ChartAlert software up to an enterprise level of quality.

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