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Ally Schmidt
October 17, 2023
Customized Technology Solutions in Breast Cancer Detection and Treatment
Breast Cancer Technology is growing by the day! Learn about the common breast cancer technology that is changing lives!
Ally Schmidt
September 27, 2023
Aligning Software Development with Company Strategy
All software companies work a little differently. Learn how Bio::Neos works as a strategic partner.
Ally Schmidt
August 30, 2023
Embracing Growth: Summer Intern Experience
Our two summer interns take time to reflect on their experiences!
Ally Schmidt
July 13, 2023
Behind the Code: Bio::Neos current projects with Jevon
Learn about two projects Jevon is currently working on, OmniLife Health and PTGQ.
Ally Schmidt
June 27, 2023
Why Safe Zone Training is important to Bio::Neos
Annually Bio::Neos participates in Safe Zone Training. Learn more why in this blog!
Ally Schmidt
May 23, 2023
Working as a software developer
In this article, Jevon and Scott give insight into what it is like working as a software developer remotely and hybrid. 
Ally Schmidt
May 11, 2023
Breaking the Stigma: Talking About Mental Health at Work
May is Mental Health Awareness Month! At Bio::Neos, we prioritize our team member's mental health, allowing them to take time to 'recharge' no questions asked.
Wanjiku Gatua
April 20, 2023
Easy Earth-Friendly Initiatives
April is Earth Month! As a whole and individually our staff takes part in many earth-friendly initiatives, click to read more!
Wanjiku Gatua
March 31, 2023
Support Women in Tech
Wanjiku gained insight from women at Leapfrog Technologies, Inc. on how to support women in tech!