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Scientific Technology Architect

/ (saɪənˈtɪfɪk, tekˈnɑləgi, ɑrkɪˌtekt) / noun /

A highly productive specialized developer who focuses on the design, creation, and management of advanced technological platforms that merge IT expertise with scientific knowledge. Through creativity and innovation, they continuously improve the technology developed while collaborating closely with end-users to develop cutting-edge technology platforms that drive progress and innovation in their respective fields.

The Scientific Technology Architect Process

Working alongside you Scientific Technology Architects are able to take a true agile approach. Collaboration allows us to pivot and make changes along the way, ensuring a successful partnership.


Our Scientific Technology Architects focuses on real adaptable solutions through a deep understanding of your journey, direction and needs.


Working alongside you, our team discusses and designs a platform meeting your needs with longevity in mind.


With a full understanding of your needs, we develop and deploy a platform adapted by users.


Our Scientific Technology Architects will continue to support your growth with technology updates and support.


The foundation of our value and our team.

Our enthusiastic team of Scientific Technology Architects focus on bringing practical solutions through a deep understanding of our clients needs and technologies. Expertise and experience in DevOps, UI/UX, bioinformatics, chemistry and more.

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What we do ...

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We believe it's about planning a roadmap, not only about arriving to the destination. As Scientific Technology Architects we create custom built platforms that represent a collaborative culmination of design, creativity, exploration and validation - Bringing together IT expertise, science, a raft of innovative ideas and all the lessons learned along the way.

We bridge the gap between science and technology. We bring together a staff with backgrounds in the life sciences. Bringing genuine insight to your world we are able to imagine intuitive and practical solutions to fit your needs.

As Scientific Technology Architects we build your solution from the ground up, with the features you need and want. Platforms built for longevity and easily adaptable for your users. The journey to a successful build is long and winding road, we're willing to go the distance with you.


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