Ally Schmidt
Celebrating a Year of Growth and Achievements: A Look Back at 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey we've had at Bio::Neos. This year has been marked by growth, community engagement, and individual achievements that have propelled us forward. Let's delve into the highlights that made 2023 a year to remember.

Team Expansion

Welcoming New Faces

This year, Bio::Neos experienced significant growth by welcoming three valuable additions to our team:

1. Marija - Executive Assistant: Bringing her organizational prowess and efficiency, Marija joined us in March and quickly became the backbone of our administrative operations. Marija also celebrated graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in Public Health from the University of Iowa this month (December 2023) 

2. Peter - Junior Developer: With a passion for coding and a fresh perspective, Peter added his skills to our development team, contributing to our innovative projects by starting as an intern. We are happy to have Peter a part of our full-time team! 

3. Taruna - Vice President of Business Development: Taruna's strategic thinking and business acumen will be instrumental in driving our growth in new and exciting directions in 2024. Taruna recently joined us at the end of November!

We are very excited to have our team continue to grow and achieve new collective success.

Community Engagement

Design Dash Volunteering

Our commitment to community involvement was evident as Ally and Steve dedicated their time to volunteer at the first-ever, Cedar Rapids Design Dash. Their participation not only showcased our support for local initiatives but also strengthened our ties with the community. We look forward to participating in Design Dash every semester and cannot wait for spring! 

Nurturing Future Talent

This summer, we had the pleasure of hosting five talented interns, including three high school students and two college students. These young minds brought fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and a thirst for learning, injecting new energy into our workplace. Nurturing the next generation of professionals is a responsibility we hold dear at Bio::Neos.

Individual Achievements

Speaking Engagements and Mentorship

Ally took the stage as a speaker at Entrefest, sharing insights and experiences that resonated with the entrepreneurial community, and spoke about Imposter Syndrome. Meanwhile, Steve's dedication and mentorship were recognized as he received the JPEC Mentor of the Year award, a testament to his commitment to nurturing talent within and beyond our organization.

CEO of the Year

In a proud moment for Bio::Neos, Steve was also honored with the CEO of the Year award. This recognition was submitted by Ally to share his excellent leadership and the collective efforts of our team in achieving new heights.

Connecting Across Distances

In July, Jevon, our remote employee located in Florida, bridged the physical gap by visiting us in Coralville! This visit not only strengthened the personal connections within our team but also highlighted the importance of maintaining a sense of unity, regardless of geographical distances. While Jevon was in town we attended a baseball game and spent much-needed face-to-face time! 

As we close the chapter on 2023, we extend our gratitude to every team member, partner, and community member who contributed to our success. Here's to more growth, achievements, and shared moments in the coming year. Wishing everyone a prosperous and fulfilling 2024!