Ally Schmidt
Classroom Clinic v1.5
Classroom Clinic Version 1.5 Release

Our long-term partnership with Classroom Clinic has led us to the newest release, v1.5, on May 20th, 2022. At Bio::Neos we have been hard at work implementing updates to the user and ensuring scalability for the Classroom Clinic platform. Classroom Clinic provides rural school districts with timely and convenient access to children’s mental health services through the use of telehealth and related technologies. 

In the newest release,

  • Multilingual support for parents/guardians.
    • Parent/Guardian now has a Preferred Language field that can be edited from the People tab on the Patient page. First set during referral/consent process. 
    • Forms and Notifications are in are sent in the selected language.
  • Extra Patient Data
    • On the patient page, you can view appointment history by clicking the appointment tab. 
    • On the patient page, you can view previously filled out forms by clicking the forms tab. 
    • Clicking an appointment on the calendar shows data such as the status of forms needed since the student the last appointment. 
  • Staff Meeting.
    • Staff can schedule student care conferences and staff consultations with providers.
  • District Academic Calendar.
    • Under “District Management”, there is an academic calendar where the user can add/edit events as well as write “academic notes” that appear above the calendar on the calendar page. 
  • Provider Schedules.
    • Still “admin” only access. 
    • Admins can designate upcoming schedules for a provider and edit/delete them from the User Management page. 
  • District Dashboard
    • Accessed by admin/district manager by clicking on the Classroom Clinic logo or the Dashboard item in the sidebar. 
  • Telehealth privacy reminder added after scheduling initial or follow appointments. 
  • SMS is set to be the default mode of communication in all relevant areas (form, referrals, consent.)

Classroom Clinic will only continue to grow and expand to new schools and districts all across Iowa as we continue to fight the current mental health crisis. Our students deserve the best. Let's allow them to put their best foot forward in academics and sports by focusing on their physical and mental health.