Steve Davis
Computer Science Education Week
Steve Davis Computer Science Education Week Hero Poster: Steve Helps scientists by building custom web applications to help create life-changing technologies. Computer Science is transforming health care.

For seven years, Bio::Neos has made it a priority to get involved with Computer Science Education Week, and 2021 was no different. During the month of December, we worked hard to advance computer science education in our community in creative covid-friendly ways.

CSed Week seeks to promote CS education to students across the country through teachers, mentors, and partners in the field. Our team is always happy to take time to inspire students to learn more about CS and celebrate others in our community doing the same.

Our Business Development Assistant, Ally, had an engaging conversation with local 1st graders about digital footprints and online safety. She created a worksheet for the students to think about good and bad digital footprints and different sites and apps that may have their footprints. Feel free to share the worksheet with your students!

Steve, president of Bio::Neos, spoke to an AP Computer Science class via Zoom about his own background starting a software company and shared more about the work we do at Bio::Neos. The students were also able to learn more about the importance of problem solving and the true creative nature of programming. Read through the full presentation to learn more.

Steve was also highlighted as a CS Hero with a poster from Grant Wood Area Education Week! Various other Iowans were celebrated because of their hard work to increase opportunities in computer science in their own unique ways. Check out our LinkedIn page to read more about the work of CS heroes in our community!

We want to once again thank our local and regional educators for always prioritizing our students and helping us promote equity in the CS field while hopefully inspiring students to get excited about careers in STEM. Through the difficulties of the year, we want to applaud their flexibility, resilience and passion. We’re looking forward to participating again in 2022!

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