Ally Schmidt
2022 Spring Intern

Spring 2022 at Bio::Neos was productive thanks to our intern, Ningjia Huang. Ningjia is a recent Computer Science graduate of Case Western University. After graduation, she spent her spring as a software development intern for Bio::Neos. Ningjia focused on a new website update and spent most of her time improving her understanding of front-end development. After her internship, I was able to chat with her to get her feedback on how her internship went and what advice she would give future interns.

As she navigated the website updates Ningia gained “hands-on experience in the industry’s workflow.” Ningjia also shared that “when I use Git in school, I did not need to manage conflict a lot and I did not try to manage branches to make the Git tree to be clean. During the internship, I learned how to use Git as a collaboration platform and learned how to resolve conflict systematically.”

While internships are focused on fine-tuning technical skills they also assist in learning and improving soft skills, such as navigating an office. When asked about what new skills were learned to help in the future it was the soft skills “such as how to communicate with workmates, express your thoughts, solve problems efficiently which will all be helpful along my career.”

At Bio::Neos we aren’t always focused on work, Ningjia was also able to enjoy her internship through our team activities. “I got to know a lot of great people through the activities such as DevTalk, TeamTalk, and Game Night.” Our activities are geared toward casual conversations and spending time as a team. When asked what was an exciting aspect of her internship she responded “The Game Night was super fun and really helped me to get to know people at Bio::Neos 😉 It was also super exciting to see my work being recognized by others!” Our Bio::Neos zoom scavenger hunt is always loved by the team because you get to know your team members casually from the comfort of your home.

Ningjia walked away from her internship after learning a lot and even has advice for future software developer interns. “I would recommend students to apply for an internship at Bio::Neos because of the caring and detailed mentorship and other workmates’ willingness to help each other. You can grow fast in this internship and get hands-on experience in the industry. As an intern, don’t be afraid to communicate and ask questions, that can help you to avoid wasting time and making mistakes. The more communication at the beginning, the fewer mistakes you will make!”

Bio::Neos was positively impacted by the time Ningjia spent with us and the hard work she put in. We are very excited to see where her talents take her and wish her well in her next career ventures.

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