Steve Davis
Summer 2021 Internships

A program designed to help students grow

Here at Bio::Neos we recognize the importance of hands-on learning and providing post-secondary opportunities for students in our community. Throughout our internship program, high school and college students have the chance to work both collaboratively and independently on different projects ranging from internal backup systems to client projects. Once completed, interns understand that programming careers can be fun and exciting; and gain a renewed motivation to pursue more computer science internships and job shadowing opportunities in the future.

A few words from our summer 2021 interns

Most exciting and interesting aspects

  • “My code being approved and utilized!”
  • “My technical skills grew on Linux and GitHub where I can now use them proficiently. Additionally, insight on how a typical software company operates.”

Looking towards the future

  • “Working through challenges during the internship helped me learn throughout the process. As a high school intern, Bio::Neos affirmed that Computer Science is a possible major in college.”
  • “I feel more confident, and I enjoyed the environment and work overall.”

To those considering an internship at Bio::Neos

  • “It will be challenging at points, but you will learn a lot throughout the process.”
  • “The environment was great, and I enjoyed participating in coding instead of just watching employees. I also appreciated being given time and space to solve problems unaccompanied or in a small group.”

About Bio::Neos

As Scientific Technology Architects, we create custom-built platforms that represent a collaborative culmination of design and creativity – bringing together IT expertise, science, creative ideas, and all the lessons learned along the way. We have extensive experience with various technologies, platforms, and programming languages so we can work closely with our clients as a technology partner. We leverage our collective 50+ years of unique experience to build custom software platforms to help build the tools to push research, educational development, and innovation forward.

Apply for next summer

We are always interested in hearing from those who are interested in exploring internships now or in the future. There are also volunteer opportunities available. If you would be interested or have any questions, please contact us at, and we would be happy to discuss more!